Léo & Ellie Oram – O’Donnell

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a PRE-AUCTION only – the online auction will transition to the live auction event at CJ’s SKATEPARK (in Mississauga) on Thursday May 9th, beginning at 7pm.  Event details below.  If you are the high bidder when the online auction is closed at noon on May 8th, your standing bid will carry over to the live auction event at the Skatepark!

Winning bidder can pay for and pick up their items at CJ’s Skatepark during regular hours.

Student: Léo
Artist: Ellie Oram – O’Donnell

Message from the team:

“I’m Leo and I’m a student at Oasis Skateboard Factory. My brand is called Wave World.

The artist I worked with is named Ellie Oram – O’Donnell. Ellie is an industrial designer working with plastic, textiles and painting to make items like furniture and tools. Her work is creative, quirky and subversive. She sees objects in unique and surprising ways, turning everyday items into cool, imaginative art. Ellie works as the Business and Innovation Specialist at Roarockit and has curated OCADU’s furniture show for DesignTO. Her advice to young makers is to trust your ideas and never stop learning.

Since I am really into surfing, and because surfing is an important precursor to skating, we decided to create an image of OSF rats surfing in a sewer. I drew and painted this image, and Ellie created a map of sewer pipes that come out of the board, adding interesting dimension to the board.”

The Oasis Skateboard Factory (OSF) is an award-winning TDSB alternative high school program where at-risk youth earn credits and graduate by building and selling skateboards and running a small design business. For Oasis Skateboard Factory’s 10 year anniversary, students were partnered with professional artists to create a unique rolling work of art. From adding illustrations and paintings to creating sculptures from cut up decks, OSF students and their artist collaborators go beyond the skateboard form and into the realm of high art.

All boards on display will be displayed at CJ’s SKATEPARK from April 16th – May 9th and will be available for public auction on the online JBM auction site.

On May 9th, the online auction bids will transition to the live auction event at CJ’s SKATEPARK beginning at 7pm where there will be a cash bar serving wine and beer. Proceeds from the auction will go towards supporting OSF’s unique programming.  Parking is free.

CJ’s SKATEPARK is proud to support such an amazing school!